my oath to you // [LISTEN] + we might be growing up, but that doesn’t mean i’ll stop loving you. these are both songs i want to dedicate to my very best and the songs we’ve sung together. (for graduation, for growing apart but never forgetting)

1. i’ll be there for you - the rembrandts // 2. wild - royal teeth // 3. oath - cher lloyd, becky g // 4. bring it all back - s club 7 // 5. always be together - little mix // 6. thank you for being a friend - andrew gold // 7. you’ve got a friend in me (cover) - michael bublé // 8. that’s what’s up - edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros // 9. umbrella - rihanna, jay-z // 10. graduation (friends forever) - vitamin c // 11. for good - wicked (original broadway cast: idina menzel + kristen chenoweth) // 12. to build a home - the cinematic orchestra // 13. your hand in mine - explosions in the sky

fav: tv

Youll meet hershe’s very pretty, even though sometimes she’s sad for many days at a time. You’ll see, when she smiles, you’ll love her.

fav: tv

everything I am; my heart’s the same as yours



Below is a gif hunt as well as a download for the actor Keegan Allen. It contains 550 gifs, none of which that I have made myself unless tagged that way. If you are the original creator and want something removed, please let me know and I will be sure to take them from this hunt for you. DOWNLOAD.


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aww yiss alright i’ll definitely start working on something soon

also great minds think alike~

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Would anyone be interested in a Princess Protection Program-based plot?

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Title: Hotel California
Artist: Eagles
Album: Hotel California
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oh my god I completely forgot about Vampires Suck